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Oracle Interview Question

Interview Questions No1.

1) Fresher Interview Questions

2) Experience Interview Questions

3) PL/SQL Interview Questions

4) IGate Interview Question1

5) IGate Interview Question2

6) IGate Interview Question3

Student Document Free Downloads

1) What is Materialized View ?

Materialized View PPT

Materialized_views Word Document

2) What is Set Operator ?

Set Operator Word Document

3) What is Table Space ?

Table space Word Document

4) What is View ?

Views Word Document

5) What is Delete and Truncate?

Delete and Truncate.docx

6) What is Joins?

JOINS Word Document

7) What is UTL?

UTL Word Document

8) What is Group Function?


9) What is DML Statement?

DML Statement

Submitted By Selvakumar

10) What is Constraint?


Submitted By Vinoth Kumar

11) What is Group Function?

Group Function

Submitted By G.Thanigaiarasu

12) What is Set Operator ?

Set Operator

Submitted By Selva Kumar

13) What is SUBQUERIES ?


Submitted By al basith

14) What is Basic Of SQL ?

Basic Of SQL

Submitted By kiruba

15) What is Joins?


Submitted By Siva

16) What is views and materialized view?

views and materialized view

16) What is Oracle Bulk Collect?

Oracle Bulk Collect

16) Stored Procedure

Stored Procedure

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