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Oracle Identity Management Training

Oracle Identity Management Training Course Content

Install and Configure Identity Management

1. Install Fusion Applications Provisioning Framework.
2. Install Transactional Database for Fusion Applications
3. Install Fusion Applications RCU.
4. Install Identity Management RCU
5. Install and configure Oracle HTTP Server as the entry point.
6. Install Oracle Identity and Access Management Components.
7. Create identity and policy stores for Fusion Applications.
8. Implement Single Sign-On for the administrative interfaces for these products.
9. Install and configure Oracle Internet Directory.
10. Follow detailed instructions and recommendations to create the topologies using the enterprise deployment guidelines.
11. Install and configure Oracle Virtual Directory.
12. Install and configure Oracle Access Manager
13. Install and configure Oracle Identity Manager.

Introduction to Fusion Applications Identity and Access Management

Fusion Applications Security
Role based access control
Directory Services overview
Identity and Policy stores
Identity Management
Access Management
Single Sign-On

Identity Management topology

Identity Management Topology considerations
Virtual Server Names and IP Addresses
Directory Tier
Application Tier
Web Tier
Directory Structure in the practice environment

Setting up Databases for Identity Management

Install and create a database
Create a database using DBCA
Setup database initialization parameters
Create schemas using Repository Creation Utility

Installing Identity Management Components

Installing Oracle HTTP Server
Installing Oracle JRockit
Installing Oracle WebLogic Server
Installing Directory Services Components
Installing SOA
Installing Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Access Manager
Applying patches and workarounds

Configuring Identity Management Components

Creating the HTTP Server instance
Configuring virtual host containers
Validating the configured OHS instance
Creating the WebLogic Server Domain for Identity Management
Configuring the Oracle Internet Directory instances
Configuring the Oracle Virtual Directory instance
Using Oracle Virtual Directory with Fusion Applications
Preparing Fusion Application Policies and Identities

Configuring Oracle Access Manager and Oracle Identity Manager

Configuring Oracle Access Manager and components
Extending the Domain for Oracle Access Manager
Using OAM Validation Test Utility
Configuring Oracle Identity Manager
Configuring Oracle Identity Manager to reconcile from identity store
Integrating the Identity Management Environment

  • Training Start date: Nov 27th, 2013
  • Workshop Type: Hands-On Training
  • Training Duration: 40 Hrs (3 to 4 Hours per day)
  • Training Fee: 35,000 INR
  • Trainer Experience: More than 9 years experience in IdM Suite
  • No of Applications covered: Hands-On on OIM 11g (With approval Process), SOA 11g, OAM 11g, OID 11g will be covered.
  • Deliverable's: Hands-On (Practical Oriented), Training Material and PPT's

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