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Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Performance Tuning Training in Chennai

Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Performance Tuning Training in Chennai teaches you to use advanced PL/SQL tuning procedures, and will be able to use advanced tuning features such as ref cursors and bulk fetches. The student will also become familiar with the internals of Oracle PL/SQL and will be able to compile PL/SQL for super-fast performance. Learn to write powerful PL/SQL programs to design and tune PL/SQL.

We offer best oracle SQL, PL/SQL training with real-time project scenarios.

An impeccable ORACLE SQL course that is exclusively designed with Basics through Advanced SQL Concepts. OCA Certification and Interview Guidance are provided during the course. All our training sessions are Completely Practical and Real Time.

Oracle Database 11g: Advanced PL/SQL Expert Training: learn SQL and PLSQL from the same team involved in Oracle product development.

Oracle Certification Training

  • 1Z0-061 Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals
  • 1Z0-047 Oracle Database SQL Expert
  • 1Z0-051 Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I
  • 1Z0-147 Program with PL/SQL
  • 1Z0-144 Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL
  • 1Z0-146 Oracle Database 11g: Advanced PL/SQL

Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Performance Tuning Training Course Topics

PLSQL Training Class 1 - Introducing PL/SQL

  • Introduction
  • What is PL/SQL and Why Should I use It?
  • PL/SQL Architecture
  • Overview of PL/SQL Elements
  • Blocks
  • Variables and Constants
  • Using SQL in PL/SQL
  • Branching and Conditional Control
  • Looping Statements
  • Goto
  • Procedures, Functions and Packages
  • Records
  • Object Types
  • Collections
  • Associative Arrays (Index-By Tables)
  • Nested Table Collections
  • Varrays
  • Collection Methods
  • Triggers
  • Error Handling
  • My Ideal Environment

PLSQL Training Class 2 - Writing Efficient PL/SQL

  • Introduction
  • Bind Variables
  • Using Bind Variables
  • The cursor_sharing Parameter
  • Dynamic Binds using Contexts
  • SQL Injection
  • Bulk Binds
  • Using Rowids when Updating
  • Short-circuit Evaluations and Ordering Logic
  • Implicit vs. Explicit Cursors
  • Declarations, Blocks, Functions and Procedures in Loops
  • Duplication of Built-in String Functions
  • Minimize Datatype Conversions
  • The Trigger Compilation Myth
  • Efficient Function Calls
  • Using the NOCOPY Hint
  • Native Compilation of PL/SQL
  • Decoupling (cheating) for Performance

PLSQL Training Class 3 - Arrays and Bulk Binds

  • Populating Collections Using Bulk Operations
  • Bulk collect
  • Bulk Collect from an Explicit Cursor
  • Chunking Bulk Collections Using the LIMIT Clause
  • Manually Limiting Bulk Collection Volumes
  • Bulk Collection of DML Results
  • Bulk INSERT Operations
  • Bulk UPDATE Operations
  • Bulk DELETE Operations
  • Sparse Collections
  • Host Arrays in Bulk Operations
  • Handling Exceptions in Bulk Operations
  • Unhandled Exceptions
  • Handled Exceptions
  • Bulk Operations that Complete
  • Dynamic SQL and Bulk Operations

PLSQL Training Class 4 - Caching session Data

  • Using Arrays for Lookup Tables
  • Using Package Variables to Store Global Data
  • Using Contexts to Store Global Data

PLSQL Training Class 5 - PL/SQL Memory Management

  • Introduction
  • Bind Variables and the Shared Pool
  • The NOCOPY Hint and Memory Usage
  • Bigger is Better for VARCHAR2 Variables
  • Using Packages Correctly
  • Pinning Packages in the Shared Pool
  • Conclusion

PLSQL Training Class 6 - Cursor Variables and REF CURSOR Types

  • Introduction
  • Defining Cursor Variables
  • Cursor Variables as Parameters
  • Cursor Attributes and Cursor Variable Usage
  • Host Variables as Cursor Variables
  • Dynamic SQL and Variant Resultsets
  • Restrictions When Using Cursor Variables
  • Cursor Expressions

PLSQL Training Class 7 - Table Functions and Pipelining

  • Introduction
  • Pipelining Table Functions
  • Parallel Enabled Table Functions
  • Creating Transformation Pipelines
  • Deterministic
  • Miscellaneous Information

PLSQL Training Class 8 - Monitoring and Profiling PL/SQL

  • Producing Performance Baselines
  • Monitoring Specific Code
  • Code Instrumentation (application tracing)
  • The DSP Package
  • dbms_application_info
  • dbms_session
  • dbms_system
  • dbms_profiler
  • dbms_trace
  • SQL trace, trcsess and tkprof
  • Generating SQL Trace Files
  • trcsess
  • tkprof
  • Trace Example
  • Execution Plans
  • plan_table
  • autotrace
  • Explain Plan
  • utlxpls.sql
  • dbms_xplan
  • Identifying the Impact of Code at the Database Level
  • Dynamic Performance Views (V$)
  • sessions.sql
  • top_sessions.sql
  • top_sql.sql
  • longops.sql
  • session_waits.sql
  • session_events_by_sid.sql and system_events.sql
  • session_stats.sql and system_stats.sql
  • session_io.sql
  • open_cursors_by_sid.sql
  • locked_objects.sql
  • Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
  • ADDM
  • Using Oracle Enterprise Manager

  • Dinesh J
    CEO, Greens Technology
    Trainer, Exp: 12 yrs
    Mobile: +91 8939915577

    About Trainer:

    Dinesh Jaganathan work as an Oracle Consultant & Corporate Trainer, He has over 11 yrs of Oracle Real-Time Implementation experience, and He is Expertise in Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Unix Shell Scripting, Perl Scripting, DBA, RAC, Data Guard, ASM, Oracle Exadata, RMAN, Oracle Performance Tuning, Streams, Security, Cloning, Upgrade, Migration & other Database Advanced Concepts..

    He is also been as Senior Corporate Trainer with Oracle University (Oracle India), delivered more than 200 Corporate trainings and trained above 25000+ corporate & fresher employees.

    He is among few of the Oracle Certified Master (OCM's) in the World to achieve below certifications in his area of research.

    - Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) 9i
    - Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) 10g
    - Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) 11g
    - Oracle 10g Certified RAC Expert (OCE)
    - Oracle 11g Certified Expert (RAC) and Grid Infrastructure (OCE)
    - Oracle 10g Certified Master (OCM)
    - Oracle 11g Exadata Certified Implementation Specialist

    Oracle Training in Chennai

    Individuals who have been trained in SQL generally work as applications developers, database architects, software engineers, and QA testers, DWH specialist and System managers.

    SQL proficiency is an important feature to have on any hi-tech resume. PL/SQL proficiency will help you to maximize your abilities within the workplace and with those increased abilities, you will ensure your staying power and be able to demand a higher salary.

    Additionally, as an SQL and PL/SQL trained individual, you will be able to understand other applications more quickly and continue to build your skill set which will assist you in getting hi-tech industry jobs.

    Why we are No.1 in Oracle SQL Training center in Chennai ?

    • We are not just a training institute but we believe that the training is at the core of strengthening the technical skills to meet the industry right job at right time and to facilitate assured careers.